The Galaxy SIII mini has paved the way for many future devices and with that said, Samsung are working on a cheap alternative to the Galaxy Note II which has been quite successful since its international launch. The currently unknown device is expected to be released in the European market some time next year and may or may not have the “Note” branding attached to its name and according to our sources, would not be sold with the S Pen. The device would come with an LCD display instead of the traditional (and relatively quite costly) AMOLED panel currently found on the Galaxy SIII and the Note II. Any further details regarding pricing and availability have bot been confirmed as yet.


Galaxy Note 2


Samsung tablet

Another hot rumor buzzing around is about Samsung’s new 13.3” tablet along with a detachable keyboard dock which would or could be sold as a separate accessory. With the looks of it, the tablet has all the juice and jazz to go hand-in-hand with Asus’s Transformer series and a few other notable devices in the same category. Whether the device would run on Android or Microsoft’s new Windows 8 is yet to be known.