2012 has seemed to be a good year for the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC who happened to launch quite a few impressive Andorid devices ranging from the higher end HTC One Series to other budget devices like the explorer, cha cha etc. Even though the company is not fairing so well financially, it still manages to pull off a few eye catchers. One such device is the upcoming HTC M7 which is rumored be HTC’s flagship phone of 2013 according Focus Taiwan.




Even though we haven’t been brushed up with any technical details as yet, we do anticipate the device to be an absolute monster to say the least having the most powerful Quad Core Qualcomm processor and running on Android’s latest OS along with the amazing 1080p Super LCD3 display that’s currently featured on the Droid DNA and HTC J Butterfly. The device is also set to go head to head with Samsung’s next big thing, the Galaxy SIV by boasting an impressive 13 megapixel shooter and an aluminum uni-body chassis. We are expecting the HTC M7 to make its debut at the Mobile World Congress in late February.