Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour


Gameloft  have outdone themselves yet again with the launch of their highly anticipated game of 2012, Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour. The fourth installment in the highly successful FPS series takes us in the heart of present day war scenarios in which we are assigned to bring back President Burke who has been abducted by an American ex Green Beret turned traitor named Edward Page.  The thrills do not just end here though as we are also given a chance to experience the entire events of the game through the eyes of Edward Page as well.



Modern Combat 3 was not only known for  its addictive game-play but also for the absolutely breath taking graphics which it had to offer. If that had left you all impressed, wait till you lay your eyes on MC4. Gameloft has raised the bars in terms of graphics, introducing amazing visuals and special effects courtesy of the new Havok Engine which gives you console like graphics in the palm of your hands. Enemies can be seen blown across battlefields with dynamic rag-doll physics, objects reacting to bullet fire in remarkable detail, and vehicles that respond more realistically across terrain.


Modern Combat 4  Modern Combat 4


The best part of the Modern Combat franchise besides the action filled gameplay and visuals is its multiplayer mode. MC4 comes with a fully redesigned multiplayer experience with new online profiles, customized weapon configurations, and online leader boards. The game is now available on the Play Store for $6.99 and trust me  when I say this, your money would most certainly be well spent here.