Google Maps for iOS

With the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple made it extremely clear that they are no longer affiliating themselves with Google and any of their products from that day onward. So much so, that they even went to the extent of removing all the major Google based applications such as YouTube and Google Maps from their devices and eventually were made unavailable on the Apple Store. With the iPhone 5, Apple got the opportunity to experiment their own version of the maps application which unfortunately was nowhere near as to what Google has to offer and faced quite a few criticism from many angry Apple users to say the least.


Google Maps iOS


Well it now seems that Google have decided to listen to the hue and cry of these customers and have decided to release their Google Maps app for all iOS devices today. That’s right guys. The search giants have seemed to find a soft corner for their otherwise quite stern rivals and have made the available as a free download from the Apple Store from today. Google Maps for iOS includes all the major features and perks present in its Android compatriot with voice recognition, street views and other navigational options. Google certainly seem to have no issues when it comes to sharing their products with multiple manufacturer’s whether its for an iPhone, a Blackberry or even a Windows phone. The main purpose of Google is for them to have their apps present in almost all the major devices currently present. Global domination on the part of Google ?


Google Maps for iOS


The app which is currently available for the iPhone would be customized for its elder brother, the iPad relatively soon. You can download the app for free from here.