Nvidia tagra 4


Nvidia has been known for coming up with some of the world’s best GPU’s and other various image rendering chip-sets whether its a desktop PC, notebook, tablet and now smartphones as well. Nvidia has managed to integrate themselves within every major computing device currently present in the world and has time and again succeeded in creating a lasting impression with their various products. With that said, Nvidia’s Tegra range of smartphone and tablet GPU’s is about to get a whole new makeover which promises to revolutionize the way handheld gaming has been done till now.


Nvidia tagra 4


Nvidia took the world by storm with their Tegra 3 Quad Core chip used in most of the handhelds released this year including the HTC OneX, Google’s Nexus 7 tablet and many more. Not so long ago we heard someone saying these famous words, “There’s a storm coming Mr. Wayne”  and from what we have come to know (from a presentation slide) today is that Nvidia are currently working on their next big mobile chipset, the Nvidia Tegra 4 SoC (System-On-Chip) which is sure to leave a mark in upcoming devices. The new chip code-named “Wayne” promises to offer 72 dedicated graphics cores which is capable of delivering almost 6x times the performance which is currently being offered by its predecessor the Tegra 3 which is currently running only on 16 graphic cores.


Nvidia tagra 4


According to reports, our friend Mr. Wayne would also be capable of handling large screen sizes supporting a pixel resolution up to 2500×1600 and would easily be able to record or decode a 1440p video without any hassle (or burnouts). The chip is also stated to support an ultra high-speed imaging chip, USB 3.0 and dual-channel DDR3 memory. Sounds quite hardcore doesn’t it ? Well you’ll soon get a chance to try it out when these power house devices start getting launched next year. Way to go Nvidia !!

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