Things have started getting more and more interesting for Motorola this year specially after it’s $ 12.5 billion takeover by search giants Google way back in May. Since then, there have been rumors far and wide of Google’s future plans as to how it intends to take its Android OS further and with the takeover of Motorola, Google surely has something big in store for the us in the upcoming new year. With that said, there’s a strong buzz flying around stating that Google are currently working on a smartphone along with a tablet but have been kept under the radar so far.


Google X Phone


The device currently only known as the “X Phone” is said to compete hand in hand with the iPhone and would be released sometime next year. There has been a word from reliable sources that the we might get an official announcement of thus mystery phone at Google I/O which is scheduled to take place in May, 2013. The project is said to be led by former Google Product Manager Mr. Lior Ron who is currently busy working with the Motorola team. The so called “secret” device is said to be made with different ceramics that promises to make the device more sturdy and durable and is also said to have a very powerful camera. Motorola engineers is currently working on a new tablet also code-named the “X tablet” that will launch after the X Phone hit the markets, this New X series will be New flagship products of Google on 2013.