Apple vs Samsung


Christmas time is best known for giving and taking where everybody is in a joyous and festive mood but when it comes down to Samsung and Apple, this has not been the case since a very long time now. Apparently Samsung are now accusing Apple for copying their drop down notification menu which has been an Android original since the launch of Android 2.1 Eclair. Surprisingly Google themselves haven’t raised any significant alarms on this matter as yet but that hasn’t kept the Korean tech giants from doing so. Samsung Korea is all set to sue Apple for the Notifications Center Patent which they claim has been “illegally” copied over from Android.


Apple vs Samsung


This issue has been raised since way back in 2011 when Android users started complaining about Apple devices getting a taste of the drop down notification center included within iOS5 and since this is not a a standards-essential patent, it means that Samsung should they win this latest battle of a long and never ending raging war, might just be in store to receive a fat pay cheque from Apple. The one thing which is still unclear is whether Samsung is defending a patent it had received or whether it has enhanced an existing patent that some other company had received before Apple decided to launch its Notification Center. What we do know for a fact is that Google did receive a patent in the U.S. for the Android Notifications Center so if Samsung are implementing to use that as its trump card, it might not work until and unless that particular patent was indeed further enhanced by Samsung itself. Let’s wait and see what the courts have to say on this new found battle.





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