ChatON gets major update

Samsung’s messenger app ChatOn is increasing in popularity day by day.  The good thing about this app is that it is not restricted to Samsung’s Android devices only, it can be also used on iOS, Bada and Blackberry OS running devices as well.  Samsung have been working really hard to keep on improving the app, recently the app got updates to v2.0.5. The update brings with it a bundle of  new features one in particular is that now you can sync 5 of your devices together using a Samsung  account, so that now when one device gets a message all the devices will get it simultaneously. The app though is not bug free as there were lot of complains about the update  causing a network error in some devices, solution for this has not be given by Samsung as yet.

The 2.0.5 update brings with it the following updates:

  1. -Sign in Samsung account
  2. All connected devices receive the same message simultaneously
  3. -Move Special buddy to More menu
  4. -Improvement of My page
  5. Multiple profile images & Comment on PostON
  6. -Change font style of chat room
  7. -Send multiple images at once
  8. -Send Anicon/Animessage+text
  9. ChatON Tablet v1.9.3 update includes:
  10. -Walkie-talkie
  11. -Improvement of My page
  12. -Add image effects
  13. -Add group profile editing
  14. -Add members of chat room as a group
  15. -Add typing status


The app is available for free on the Google Play Store, and can be downloaded from here. There is also a special Canadian version of the app as well which you can also get for free on the Play Store.