malware scare  apkdeveloper2013 has just started an we have another malware scare on our hands people. A developer called “apkdeveloper” has been uploading some suspicious apps, and that too of some well known apps from the developers Imangi and Glu Mobile. What seems to be happening is that illegitimate developer is basically stripping apart the Apks and adding possibly harmful code in it and then uploading that file on the Play Store. All these malicious apps have “super” written at the end of them.

The malware has seen to pop up ads in unwanted places such as your homescreen or notification bar, this may not seem harmful, but who knows what would be happening in the background. When the apps such as Imangi’s Temple Run gets installed it ask for only network access and permission to read and write in the storage while the Temple Run Super asks permission for your account, phone status and identity and a lots more.

This is one of the drawbacks of having an open source platform, issues like these do tend to surface, so next time when you want to download an app just check the developers and go through some reviews first. If you happen to encounter such issues do let us know, so that we can warn the android community as well.