Not so long ago we had mentioned about Microsoft’s plans of launching an updated version of its Windows 8 range of products in the form of Windows Blue. Well those rumors have finally been put into play by the software giants who have now confirmed the  launch of the updated version some time this year (an exact date wasn’t revealed in-spite  of our efforts to squeeze it out from one of the company officials who we recently met). The update is rumored to be made specially for Tablets ranging between 7-8 inches.


Windows Blue


The news seems to be quite a refreshing one for Windows users who always wanted to see regular updates being rolled out for their handheld Windows running devices and even though Windows 8 and Windows RT has done a remarkable job in bringing quite a few larger tablets (usually 10″+) and hybrids in the horizon, people still feel that these large devices can be quite bulky to carry around  and are not so keen with the idea of carrying these devices with them all the time. This might be one of the reasons why more and people are getting inclined towards smaller portable devices which are not that hard to carry around and are relatively quite light in weight as well.