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The latest update of Facebook Messenger for Android and iOS brings with it a few new voice messaging features to go along with the traditional text-to-type messaging mode. The new feature gives the user an option to record a short message which can then be sent to the recipient at the  other end. Once your inside the application, just press on the “+” icon to access the usual messaging attachments list where you will find the new “Record Voice” option. The message starts playing once it gets transferred to the recipient’s device. An important thing to note here is that this service should not be confused with the traditional push-to-talk functionality that is present in few of the other VoIP applications as this is just a means for you to record and send the message.


Facebook Messenger


The update also adds a big red record button that will let users record messages instead of typing them out. Facebook users accessing the network and chatting via desktop or laptop will not be able to record voice messages, but they will be able to play them. Only users of the mobile Messenger app will be allowed to record and send messages. In addition to voice messages in the update, Canadian users have exclusive access to Facebook Messenger’s free voice calling service. Unlimited calls can be made to other Facebook friends, if Wifi is not available the calls will be made using cellular data. Facebook have also promised to add support for other countries pretty soon.


Facebook Messenger



All said and done, we were a bit disappointed with the sound quality of the recorded voice messages though still it does come in handy when you are not in the mood to type those long elongated messages and just want to record a small message instead. For all those who already have the app installed can update it now while the rest can get it for free from the Google Play Store


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