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Since the launch of the Google Play Store (previously known as the Android Market), developers in the form of all shapes and sizes have started demonstrating their programming skills in the form of multi-functional applications both free and paid for. The apps are categorized in large numbers and include the likes of games, business apps, utility apps, entertainment apps etc. Within a span of just 5 years, the Google play Store has already started capturing a fair share of the app development market by giving an opportunity to developers to showcase their talents all over the world. Keeping pace with Apple’s flagship “App Store”, the Google Play Store has now reached 800,000 apps today which is a huge number for such platform that has been newly launched.


Google Play Store



Our friends at Sociable.Co have run a polynomial regression in an attempt to roughly determine when Android would reach one million apps as can be seen from the illustration above. It seems that at this rapid rate, we should expect the Google Play store to reach 900,000 apps before April 2013 and around one million apps as early as June 2013. Apple’s App Store has always been ahead of Android’s in terms of app numbers. However, both markets have almost reached even numbers in the past few months. With Android’s momentum, we wouldn’t be surprised if it reaches one million apps before Apple does. Credit should be given to Google’s Play books, Movies, Magazines and Music services which have played a vital role in the growth of the Play Store.



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