Nvidia Shield


Even though there is still a day left for the Annual CES 2013 event to take place, we’ve already got a big pre-event surprise from Nvidia which for now let us say is going to excite a lot of gamers from all age groups. Nvidia in one of their Live online pre-CES Press Conferences announced their new handheld Android Gaming Console called “The Shield” running on Android’s latest OS, Jelly Bean.


Nvidia Shield



Nvidia Shield


The Tegra 4 powered device which was not supposed to be unveiled before tomorrow made its early debut in the Press Conference when the company (accidentally) announced it as the project’s code-name  first calling it “Project Thor”, then revising it to “Project Shield”, and finally unveiling it as simply “Shield”. The name comes due to the pop up screens shape and the shield it self is customizable- because they’re hoping you have several devices under one roof.


Nvidia Shield


Nvidia have referred the device as a “set top box” which can be easily carried around by the user. Till now,  Nividia was only focusing on the manufacturing of its Tegra Range of powerful handheld processors and GPU’s but now it seems that with this newly announced device, the company are trying to further diversify its product range specially in the field of handheld gaming.

Salient Features of The Nvidia Shield

  • Plays both Android and PC titles
  • Pure Android experience with Google Play
  • Stream games from PC powered by select NVIDIA processors with STEAM
  • Tegra 4 processor
  • HD Video and Audio
  • Console grade controller
  • 5-inch, 1280×720 HD retinal multitouch display, with 294 dpi
  • Android Jellybean


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