samsung quad-core LED tv

Samsung at CES 2013 today at Las Vegas just blew everyone away with their new line of UHD (Ultra High Definition) LED TVs. The Samsung S9 Ultra High Definition 4k LED come in three sizes 85 inch, 95 inch and a wopping 110 inches, that support a resolution which is four times (4x) higher than full HD (1080p).

samsung quad-core LED tv


Not only this, but they also announced their new “F”series, Their highest modelĀ  F8000 is 75-inch LED TV’s running on Quad-core processors, which brings the Smart TV experience to a whole new level. The quad core processors provide improved multitasking and is able to give an Ultimate Lean-Back Experience.The TV also learns through the viewing habits of the user and suggests options through a feature called S-Recommendation.