flexible displays


After months of speculation and built up anxiety, the wait is finally over. Samsung in one of the Press Conferences at CES 2013 have officially launched their new upcoming line of flexible displays YOUM, which would be the basis of smartphones and tablets in the near future. The devices that were unveiled at the event (still in the prototype stage) included the new YOUM panels and plastic used in these devices which can easily bend and are virtually unbreakable.

flexible displays


From what we have come to assume is the fact that these devices could be used in many ways imaginable by the user like for example a tablet can easily be folded into a smartphone so that it could easily slip into your jean’s pocket or a smartphone can itself be twisted and turned in such a way to squeeze it in that tight Tuxedo jacket which in normal circumstances would actually look kind of weird with the device popping out don’t you think ? The representative conducting the event was also kind enough to show us a concept of a few future versions of a YOUM Galaxy smartphone and a YOUM Galaxy Tab.


Galaxy YOUM


Another beneficial way to utilize these flexible devices could be based on the fact that one side could entirely be used as a notification display while the other half can be used for the phone’s regular functionality. Well for the time being these are just assumptions as to how these devices could and would be used once the OEM’s start rolling them out in the upcoming months. Credit should be given to Samsung Electronics for once again coming up with an entirely new technology which is sure to benefit a large chunk of mobile and tablet users in the near future.