Today we are going to take a look at a Smart wrist watch which is more of a multi-tasking gadget that every man, woman and child would dream of carrying or should we rather say wearing it everywhere they go. Termed simply as “The Pebble”, this amazing wrist watch brings technology and class together. The device which can be used for multiple tasks can easily be customized and synced with your Android or Apple Smartphone. Once the app has been downloaded, you can customize it in accordance to your own needs and requirements. Lets say you want to keep track of the distance you have covered while jogging or riding your bike, Pebble would tell you exactly when you started, how much distance you have covered and at the same time burnt those extra calories.




The Pebble also allows you to listen to your favorite music by automatically syncing it with the playlist found in your smartphone and at the same time you can easily shuffle through the songs and control their normal functions. As of today, the company have released its Android app on the Google Play Store. The app allows the Pebble smart watch to connect to your Android phone over Bluetooth, showing information like weather, email alerts, incoming calls and messages. In addition, it acts as a “dashboard” for the watch, notifying you of software updates, allowing you to install new watch faces and assisting with troubleshooting.




One thing to note here is  that, the screen on Pebble is not controlled by touch, but is instead navigated using the buttons on the side of the device. The button on the right side of the watch serves as a back button, with up, enter and down buttons positioned on the left side of the watch face. Navigating through menus is very easy and we were able to accept a call, text, and read email pretty effectively as well. Power is going to be another area where the Pebble stands out. The device can run for seven days on a single charge, and only needs a few hours to charge up completely using a unique magnetic charger that snaps onto the watch’s side, a bit different than its competition, which charges using microUSB. The video gives a clear cut demonstration of what this little piece or marvel actually has to offer;




So what did you guys think about the Pebble Smart Watch ? Would it be on your next wishlist ? Do share in your comments with us !

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