Lookout Security & Antivirus


Protecting your smartphone from theft and damage is one of the biggest concerns on the minds of users and this has motivated companies to come up with solutions to curb this problem. One such company is Lookout Mobile Security renowned for its sturdy anti-theft and data recovery features. Backed by the Mobile Threat Network, Lookout protects you from unwanted stuff that can slow down your phone or make unauthorized charges to your wireless bill with over-the-air, real-time updates.



Mobile Antivirus   Mobile Antivirus


Today the company have released two new distinctive security features for both the free and paid version of the apps.

1. The free version provides the picture and current location of the person who tries to enter into your phone to tamper with the settings or your personal data without your approval. This unique feature gets activated when someone tries to enter your phone’s password and after a few unsuccessful attempts, the phone automatically snaps the person’s picture and sends an email to you with the current location. This feature is most certainly helpful for those who do not like others to interfere with their personal data and opt for their privacy to be protected.

2. The second feature which comes bundled with the paid variant of the app lets you add a customized personal message on the unlocked screen for the person who is trying to access your phone which could include anything ranging from your name, address or another contact number as well (just in case you have lost your phone and somebody is decent enough to find and return it back). The paid version of the app is available for $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year.


Mobile Antivirus   Mobile Antivirus


Till now, Lookout has more than 30 million satisfied customers and the number keeps increasing everyday not only for its sturdy security protection but also a number of other distinctive features.

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