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The Galaxy Note II has managed to attract quite a bit of attention since its launch a couple of months back. The major attraction of the device is without any shadow of a doubt its amazingly sharp and crisp 5.5 inch HD display along with the S Pen which has a number of uses besides being used only for touching and selecting hard to reach areas (which was one of the reasons why people initially used these peripherals) on the device. With the introduction of the S Pen, Samsung have opened new ways to which the device can now be used with the aid if the all new Air View Feature which doesn’t even require you to touch the screen and just hover over it. According to their promotion campaigns, Samsung are portraying the device to be used mostly as an entertainment hub for people who want to be creative and more intuitive with these smart devices. Today we take a look at some of the widely used Apps on the Note II which do bring out the true potential of the device’s amazing display.

Touch Retouch


Galaxy Note II


One of the best S Pen friendly apps for your photos is Touch Retouch, which lets you make minor cosmetic upgrades to your pictures using the stylus. Got a spot in that otherwise flattering party pic? No problem, zap it with the S Pen and you’re back to looking your best. Annoying tourist in the background of your Empire State Building snap? A quick cut and retouch later and you’re back in business.


Photo Note

Galaxy Note II

Back in the days of physical photographs, your mum would scribble a little reminder on the back of where and when it was taken and – in the case of baby photos – who it’s of. Why should it be any different with digital photos? Using the Samsung GALAXY Note II’s S Pen and Samsung’s own Photo Note feature, you can jot digital notes on the virtual reverse of each shot and then share them with friends and family using ChatOn IM, MMS or email.




Galaxy Note II


Snapseed really is the cream of the mobile photo editing crop. It’s easy to use, and lets you apply a whole host of effects that it would take a lot of know-how to do in traditional apps like Photoshop. Adding retro effects, textures and frames to images is even easier than ever before on the Note II’s wonderfully spacious screen.




Galaxy Note II


Sometimes when one photo just isn’t enough – enter Photogrid, which lets you make collages of multiple shots and arranges them in natty ways. The Note II’s screen is pin-sharp and brilliant for giving a life-sized overview of your collage. We particularly love shaking the handset to rearrange your chosen pics, while the S Pen comes in really handy for accurately positioning extras like text.


 Color Splash FX


Galaxy Note II


If there’s one way to make an average photo look spectacular, it’s to highlight bits of it in colour while leaving the rest in monochrome. Color Splash FX makes this process outrageously easy and the S Pen will come in handy for highlighting very intricate areas of your shots.




Galaxy Note II


More of a straightforward selection process than some of the more powerful apps we’ve mentioned, but Pixl-r-omatic can let you do some quite spectacular things to your pictures with minimal effort. The myriad options are easy to flick through thanks to the Note II’s expansive screen and with various lighting options coupled with already great image quality; no one will believe your photos came from your phone.


Pudding Camera


Galaxy Note II


If you’re a bit of a traditionalist, you’ll love Pudding Camera. It offers you different camera and ‘film’ options to create different effects even as you take your photos with the Note II. Pudding Camera also has a companion photography network called where you can share your photos if they’re a bit too out-there for Facebook and the like.


FX Camera


Galaxy Note II


Another user-friendly effects app, FX Camera gives you an abundance of filter options and includes ace additions like the Fish eye effect which gives all of your photos an instant 70’s cool look. To completely re-work photos, go for the Symmetric effect which gives an excellent kaleidoscopic look to jazz up even the most boring of pictures.




Galaxy Note II


It would had been an absolute crime if we wiuld had not mentioned Instagram, the retro effect friendly photo-sharing social network in this elite list of apps. Although it doesn’t come with any Note II specific features, it’s still the easiest filter-adding app and the best for quickly sharing photos with your friends.


Photoshop Express


Galaxy Note II


Adobe’s Photoshop Express on the GALAXY Note II is a superb (and free) cut-down version of Photoshop for your smartphone – which lets you crop and tweak brightness and saturation on your pics quickly, easily and with the absolute minimum amount of fuss. Photoshop Express lets you edit and share your photos pretty much anywhere you have a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G mobile data connection. Simply touch the expansive display on your Note II to crop, rotate, adjust colour, brightness, sharpness or add a range of cool artistic effects to your snapshots. Photoshop Express is a free app compatible with the Samsung GALAXY Note II, and should not be confused with Photoshop Touch which is a paid application (£6.99) designed to run on tablets such as the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1.

So there you have it guys we hope you enjoyed our roundup on some of the most used and demanded Photo sharing and editing apps for your brand new Galaxy Note II. Which one of these did you decide to try out ? Do share in your thoughts with us.

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