Samsung Galaxy SIV launch on March 14 in New York

Samsung have set their sights on Time Square for the launch of their next BIG THING the Galaxy S IV.  The red carpets have been rolled out for the unveiling of their new flagship smartphone. So, if you cannot be there in person, no worries, you can watch the whole event via live stream.

Samsung have stated that they are planning to sell 100 million units of the Galaxy S IV this year, so they want to give as much exposure as they can, thus the event at Times Square, New York. It gives a solid message to its competitors as well, including its nemesis Apple.
Rumors have been flying like crazy about the device’s shape and specifications, but in two weeks time we will find out how many of them were true. So March 14th is the date, mark your calendars, as you will not want to miss this.

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4 Responses to “Samsung Rolling out the Red Carpet for the Galaxy S IV in Two Weeks”

  1. i would like a samsung 4 if it is SMALL the 3 is too bulky

    • Daraius says:

      It would not be small under any conditions considering the fact that we are expecting a massive 5″ screen to accompany the other hardware features

  2. then i wouldn’t even consider the samsung 4. the iphone 4 and 5 fits in my hand and i’m able too use it with the hand i’m holding it with.

  3. Daraius says:

    Even the Galaxy S4 would easily be usable but one needs to get used to it. The device is getting launched on March 14th in New York. We’ll be keeping our viewers posted with all the news and updates

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