Gameloft - Iron Man Teaser GDC 2013

The Game Developers Conference 2013 is causing alot of buzz in the gaming world these days in San Fransisco. Game developers of all platforms have setup their booth at the conference, one of them being Gameloft. Now, we all know that Gameloft specializes in high graphics games for mobile phones. Gameloft yesterday started a teaser for an announcement which they are going to do today (March 27th). The above teaser shows very familiar looking eyes, guesses any one? Well if your a Marvel fan then you would know they look like Iron Man’s eyes.

We wouldn’t be surprised if a new game is coming with the launch of the new Iron Man 3 picture which is due on May 3rd. No news other than this teaser has been put up by Gameloft so we can not officially confirm if this really is Iron Man’s new game or not. Wel we just will have to wait a little while longer for Gameloft to gives it Big news.