Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky have today announced the availability of some of its paid featured services to be made available for free on the Google Play Store. These include phone tracking via GPS, locking and wiping the devices remotely, activating the alarm remotely and taking pictures with the front facing camera to capture a snapshot of the alleged thief who has stolen or is intending to do so. Sounds cool doesn’t it ? Well as they say there is no such thing as a “Free Lunch” and that is exactly the case here as well.

Kaspersky Mobile Security    Kaspersky Mobile Security

Even though some of these paid features are indeed made available for free, there are still a few features which only get accessible when you purchase the Premium Package of the application which costs $14.95 for phones and $19.95 for tablets and adds more features to the already existing impressive list which you get with its free variant. These include the ability to automatically schedule system scans for apps that are considered to be malicious and buggy which on the other hand have to be done manually in the free version. Other Premium features include a connection to a cloud database of threats so you won’t have to wait for periodic definitions updates, and automatic scanning and filtering of smartphone text messages.

Kaspersky Mobile Security  

As mentioned earlier, the free version which covers basically everything that is needed for a complete Mobile Security package, the Premium version still seems to add a little extra zing to it and when it comes to additional security for your expensive smartphones or tablets, one wouldn’t mind paying a little extra to enjoy the complete perks of the otherwise quite impressive security suite for your Android devices.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Free Features

  • Scans on demand – to protect against malware
  • Protects your phone and data from theft and loss
  • Filters out unwanted calls and SMS texts
  • Works in the background – to preserve performance

Kaspersky Mobile Security Premium Features

  • Delivers real-time defence against malware
  • Automatically scans downloaded apps
  • Blocks links to dangerous and phishing websites
  • Checks for malware links within text messages
  • Hides your private calls, texts, contacts & logs