The last few years have seen Samsung grow from strength to strength not just in the smartphone industry, but also in the tablet and PC markets as well. According to some of the latest figures from IDC, the Korean Tech Giants have managed to edge past Apple which has remained a dominant force in both the smartphone and Tablet industry since quite some time by a small but significant margin. According to some of the financial figures, Samsung currently holds 21.2 percent share of the total smartphones, tablets, desktop PC’s and laptop computers in Q4 2012 whereas Apple on the other hand is in hold of 20.3 percent of the overall market share of the aforementioned devices. Looking at the bright side of things, both the companies account for a more than half of the total number of smartphones, tablets and personal computers all over the world.




Apple which quite thoroughly enjoyed a surge in its overall market share depended largely on the  successful sales of the iphone 5 and the iPad Mini which saw the California based company’s market share to drastically increase from its previous recorded figures of 15.7% in Q3 2012 to 20.3% in Q4 2102. Samsung on the other hand experienced huge sales spikes which were largely dependent on the success of the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Tab range of Tablets and smart computers. With the launch of Samsung’s current flagship device of 2013, the Galaxy S4, we are anticipating for the sales figures to rise even further which may see the Korean giants maintain its tender lead over one of its closest rivals at least during the first half of 2013.

With the passage of time, more and more users are getting inclined towards Tablet computers and refraining themselves from the traditional desktops and laptops. Even though the tablet market does seem to be on an overall rise, it will still take time for it to completely take over desktops/laptops who even today manage to keep a stronghold when it comes to a person’s everyday computing requirements.

Source: Courtesy of IDC