DashClock Widget

The Android Jelly Bean 4.2 update brings with it a host of some exciting new features and customization options besides the addition of a few things that were previously non-existent in any of its predecessors such as the Daydream feature which is very much similar to your conventional screen savers but till date were not found in any of the older versions. The Daydream feature allows your phone to display whatever you choose when it is on idle mode such as information that you might find useful, while you are not using your phone such as battery life remaining, photos, weather, etc. More and more developers are using Daydream to extend a device’s functionality, even when you are not actually using it.





Developers have come up with a variety of new ways and means to utilize the various features that are offered with the 4.2.2 update with some of the most unique and helpful applications you could possibly imagine. One such app is the DashClock widget which is one of the most useful and widely utilized apps by those lucky few are able to get their hands on Google’s latest Android OS since it is currently not available on all devices. One of the best features that we liked about DashClock app are the customization functions along with a long list of extensions, add-ons and tweaks from app developers across the globe which makes the app (we like to call it a widget as that is exactly how it functions) relatively quite interesting and appealing to use.


DashClock     DashClock


As mentioned earlier, the app gets directly integrated with the DayDream feature found in all 4.2.2 devices. Roman Nurik, developer of this useful application tells us as to exactly what the Daydream support can actually do. Here is what he had to say about the app, “The DashClock Widget is a lock screen widget that many people found quite useful since it combines all the other important widgets that you need to give your device extra functionality”. The app is available for free from the Google Play Store (supported only on devices having Android 4.2.2)