Its been quite a long time since we all have been hearing rumors revolving around the launch of Apple’s all-in-one music streaming hub, the iRadio. The device which was originally sheduled for an early 2013 release, has seemed to get delayed a bit further since Apple is playing hardball with music labels for the pricing of some of the music titles. According to reports, Apple want 6 cents per 100 songs streamed by users, where Pandora pays 12 cents per 100 songs. We’ll have to now wait and see as to when and at what rate the company comes to a mutual agreement. From we what we have been told, the company is said to come up with an agreement with Universal Studios and Warner Brothers to provide the long list of music titles.



With the launch of the iRadio, Apple are planning to take on Pandora, who currentyly lead the internet streaming service, followed by Spotify, RDIO, and others. Given Apple’s reach into the mobile market, such a service could seriously hurt other competitors’ market share, but if recent reports are to believed, Google and Amazon also want to hop in the game, which could make for an interesting playing field. There were also reports stating that Apple’s new iRadio service will be offered for free, as Apple plans to use its iAds advertising platform for revenue. Several references have already been found in internal iOS code, adding a bit more spice to the rumours. Till now, we’ll have to wait and see as to how far these rumors actually turn out to be true. Stick around for further updates and insights into Apple’s next big launch.