Galaxy Camera

Samsung Electronic’s have today announced the launch of a Wi-Fi only variant of the Samsung GALAXY Camera which was previously only available as a cellular-enabled device. The device features a 21x optical zoom16MP backside illuminated CMOS sensor, a class-leading 4.8-inch HD Super Clear Touch LCD, a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, 8GB of internal storage and would run on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2. The device which was initially announced back in August last year at Samsung Unpacked 2012 is sheduled to retail for a listed price of $449.99 later this month.

The GALAXY Camera Wi-Fi blends cutting-edge digital imaging technology with Samsung’s latest line of class-leading Android devices,” said Ron Gazzola, Vice President, Marketing for Digital Imaging, Samsung Electronics America. “Focusing on features that simplify the user experience, the GALAXY Camera Wi-Fi offers an intuitive approach to feature-rich photography, without the need to be constantly connected.”

The GALAXY Camera’s photo interface blends the capabilities of an advanced camera with an easy-to-use touch interface, so users can learn and grow with their photography skills with each use. An innovative Smart Mode places camera settings at users’ fingertips, letting them fine-tune and adjust settings like shutter speed, aperture and exposure by simply manipulating sliders on the screen. The GALAXY Camera also offers a selection of different scene modes to help users define the appropriate settings for a particular scenario, whether they want to capture flowing waterfalls, an action-packed sports event, and more.

The powerful device also integrates a new Photo Wizard tool, featuring a comprehensive set of 35 editing features, designed to take advantage of the camera’s high-resolution touchscreen and make powerful enhancements on-the-go. Additionally, the Smart Content Manager offers innovative organizational tools for photos, with options to quickly and easily create folders and tags or suggest which photos can be deleted if they don’t come out the way the user intended. Lastly, Samsung’s Paper Artist app allows users to stylize and edit their photos with options to create new images that appear to be sketch-drawings or watercolor paintings.

Galaxy Camera

Here’s a sneak peak of what the GALAXY Camera actually has to offer when it comes to taking high quality images with and without using the 21x optical zoom. ENJOY !!

Normal picture captured without using the Optical Zoom (Can you see the yellow crane in this picture ?)

Galaxy Camera

Picture taken using full 21x Optical Zoom (This is what the crane actually looks like through the lens)

Galaxy Camera

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