Twitter Music App

Twitter today unveiled their new #Music service on Good Morning America. The new service uses the people you follow to recommend you new artists and songs. With the help of Spotify,iTunes and Rdio you can even playback the songs. and This app is a direct link to the acquisition of We Are Hunted by Twitter a while back.  The shocking news though is that Twitter on launch made the app available only for Apple iOS and no Android.

The trend of Apps launching for the iPhone/iPod first and for Android a couple of weeks later, seemed to have finished as most of the apps now get launched for both operating systems simultaneously. Twitter being one of the top used apps in the world neglecting android at launch, that is really surprising to say the least.

Twitter Music App

Twitter for Android though has been given a sneak peek and is set to feature four main screens: #NowPlaying, Suggested, Emerging and Popular. #NowPlaying will combine with the tweets of your followers, letting you know what the people you are following are listening to. Emerging I guess as the name suggests will show what music is currently trending.

Good for you if your an iPhone user, as you can check out the new Twitter #Music service right now, and if you are an android user then sadly you will have to wait a while to find out what this service really is.