The guys at CyanogenMod never do cease to amaze us now do they ? Every time they come up with a new tweek, mod or an entirely different Android user experience, they have always seemed to attract a large batch of both user’s and developer’s alike.  Another unique thing about CyanogenMod ROM’s is that they have compatibility with almost every rooted Android device whether its on the higher end or falls in the budget category.


CyanogenMod Update


One such upcoming feature is the all new time-delayed mode for taking pictures along with the voice activated shutter which can be quite useful when capturing your snaps. The voice activation feature is enabled from the standard settings “wheel” in the camera app, but it has to be switched on every time you take a photograph. However the feature’s developer, Ricardo Cerqueira, has indicated that he may add a setting to enable a continuous toggle in the future.


CyanogenMod Update


The voice capture feature gets activated by uttering the following three words: Cid, Whiskey and Cheese whereas for the timer-mode, there exists a short delay between ten to sixty seconds for it to operate as per the user’s requirements. For now that’s all the update we currently have on these two new features that are scheduled to arrive with a new update pretty soon. There has not been any official wording by the developer’s on the arrival of the new update but we are anticipating it to arrive within a few days. For those who are lucky enough to get the update before any of us are welcome to share in their experiences. Once again kudos to the guys at CyanogenMod !!