Iron Man 3 Game for Android

Gameloft had been teasing us all for months since the day it started leaking out short teasers about the official Iron Man 3 game for Android which was initially going to debut in line with the movie set to release on May 3rd all over the world; but the company now decided to release it a week before the movie comes out and the best part is its absolutely FREE !! At first even we were left a bit shell shocked to see a high end Gameloft game that usually costs somewhere between $7-$9 available free of charge.

Iron Man 3 for Android

The game is an endless runner, a first for Gameloft I might add, the game is free to download but there a plenty of in-app purchases to be made, which keeps things interesting. If you are worried about getting any movie spoilers then no need to fret as this game is based on events “AFTER” the movie. Even the voices are from the movie it seems, Jarvis’s (Tony’s trusty computer) voice is spot on. The best part of the game is that you have 18 different Iron Man suits to use! You can even upgrade them as well, example add more fire power etc.

Iron Man 3 fro ANdroid

The game is visually stunning, and the gameplay is very fluid. Gameloft seems to have a nack of bringing super heroes from movies to life. The previous Dark Knight game was brilliant and now this one seems to be a sure shot winner too. The game is really worth a look, so head on down to the Google Play store and get your hands on the game.

Download Link: Iron Man 3