Remote desktop sharing tools and software have been a thing of the past now. With the introduction of real time remote desktop integration tools that come bundled with most VoIP applications such as Skype and Team Viewer, it has become relatively much more easier for people to commute and at the same time fix PC problems specially for those distant (elderly) relatives who usually find it hard to tackle everyday problems which could either be on a small or larger scale.


Google+ Hangouts Remote Sharing



Google+ Hangouts Remote Sharing


Keeping the same thought process in mind, Google have come up with a unique and in most cases quite a helpful solution to most of our Remote Sharing Problems with the integration of an all new Remote Sharing Tool which would be a part of the Google+ Hangouts experience. With this new service, you would be able to remotely control the other person’s system while simultaneously being involved in a video conference with whoever you are helping out.


Google+ Hangouts Remote Sharing


The Remote Sharing Option can be accessed from within a Hangout through these three simple steps :

View More Apps > Add Apps > Hangouts Remote Desktop 

So what are you guys waiting for ? Go find somebody to Hangout with and fix their PC problems at the same time . Kudos !