Samsung SideSync

Samsung have posted a new video on their official YouTube channel portraying its new SideSync feature which brings your smartphone and PC together….Literally. SideSync will allow user’s to connect their phones with the PC’s enabling them to fully utilize the full functionality of a keyboard and mouse besides many other amazing features that can be seen from the video below. You can easily copy, share and edit documents on both your PC’s and Phones which can then be easily transferred and synced between both the devices.


Samsung SideSync



SideSync works by installing a SideSync app on your Galaxy phone which communicates with the pre-loaded Windows app on the Samsung ATIV device. One thing to be noted at this point in time is the fact that currently the SideSync feature is only supported in the Samsung ATIV PC’s which is a bit of a let down for the non-ATIV users who would not seem too pleased with this gesture. Samsung have said that support for future devices would be made available soon. Check out the video below to get an idea as to exactly how the new Samsung SideSync actually works.


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