BBM For Android


For those who have long been using Blackberry’s had the one distinguishing thing that was not available with any other smartphone and that was its integrated Blackberry Messenger or BBM as its most commonly known as. The service allows Blackberry users to interact with each other no matter where the other person is located anywhere in the world and is one of the stand out features for which a Blackberry is still renowned but for how long that is the main question ? With rival operating systems such as Android, Windows Phone and iOS on a continue rise, it seems fit for the company to now expand the reach of its favorite messaging client among other platforms as well and that is exactly what the company did just recently.

At a recently held event, Blackberry officially announced that the flagship messaging service app BBM for multiple platforms that include Android and iOS would be made available to all users come this summer. The app will be fully featured, with key ingredients like group messaging and screen sharing all coming to the rival platforms. The service is expected to launch this summer, and will be free for anyone to download. While other group messaging platforms are gaining recognition on Android and Google planning to launch its own refined communication service sometime soon you may wonder whether or not there is a need for Blackberry Messenger anymore. It was also stated that the third party app version of BBM will eventually be upgraded to support multi-person chats, voice note sharing and BlackBerry Groups, video calls, Screenshare and other channels.


BBM For Android


What needs to be seen now is whether the BBM app would be able to go head to head with the current front running apps such as Whatsapp, Viber, Tango and Skype. Blackberry enthusiasts who are addicted to their BBM’s all day would like this new additional feature through which they can now be able to easily interact with friends and loved ones even if they are not using an actual Blackberry. The Blackberry app would be available on the Google Play Store this summer for free.