Google Play Games


Google I/O brought with it a number of new additions to Google’s long line of already impressive products. The Google Play Services API also known as the Google Play Games is one such addition to the Google family. The all-new game service (first of its kind for Google) is somewhat similar to what Microsoft is offering with its Windows Phone Operating Systems that includes the Xbox Live game features in the palm of your hands. Google Play Games includes a whole bunch of exciting features that developers can add in their games to provide an entirely new and refreshing experience. These new features include game files being saved on the cloud, in-game achievements, leaderboards, low-latency multiplayer matchmaking and much much more. Lets take a quick look at some if the cool features that Google Play Games has to offer;

Google Play Games



Google Play Games


The Google Play Services is now available for developers and game enthusiasts and is supported for all devices having Android 2.2+

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