Samsung Crowned Android King

Samsung considers itself to be the Number # 1  seller of Android devices in the world. Some people may argue this is not the case but according to a 2013 report which put all the nay-Sayers to rest. Samsung’s share in the total profits generated by the sales of Android device all around the world was a whopping 95%. Though this may be hard to  believe for some, but last year Samsung had around 90% share in the total profits, which gives us enough evidence to justify this report to be legit.


Samsung Crowned Android King


Even though with the likes of Giants such as Sony and HTC, Samsung’s edge has always been its ability to cater to the masses. You get Android devices of all budget categories, so people who have budget restraints prefer buying Samsung devices, which are cheaper then its counterparts. So a hearty congratulations to Samsung from our team at Talk Android Phones for achieving such a feat again. Give us your take on the matter in our comments section below. Cheers!

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