Yahoo! purchased Flickr way back in 2005 and since then, hardly anybody ever remembered or used the service….till now. Apparently the one time famous search engine giants have come up with quite a smart marketing strategy that promises to thrust the aging photo sharing website forward and bring it back to life. From the looks of things, that is exactly what the company is doing starting from today. Flickr has been given a complete overhaul not just to the main website but also the official app for Android which has seen quite a few additions and some other juicy stuff. One of the major attractions of the photo sharing service is the 1TB of free cloud storage that is being offered and the ability to upload pictures in full High Definition and in any required resolution.


Flickr    Flickr


The new Flickr v2.0 app now features a beautifully clean and minimal design mirroring closely the desktop counterpart, and can be described as nothing short of elegant. Pictures are now the focus of the app, with a new side-bar menu for easy navigating of your contacts, groups, and photo streams. The rendering is silky smooth and is quite pleasing to the eye.  With 1TB of free storage, friends you can follow, and easy uploading from your Android device, Yahoo! is yet again stepping it up with their vintage service. For those who think the 1TB is not enough, they can always get another 1TB upgrade but that comes with a hefty $500 pricetag.


Flickr    Flickr



Overall  the app looks really good and for those old timers who would once again like to go down memory lane should definitely give it a try whereas for the rest of you guys….well you can try it out as well !! Download it for free from the Google Play Store.