Galaxy S4 Stress Test


Whenever a new device steps foot in the market, it not only has to go through a lot of marketing and sales channels but also at the same time has to endure a lot of pain and suffering specially if its one of those “marquee flagship devices” as they are most commonly known as today. A similar kind of treatment is in store for Samsung’s next big thing and your (apparent) “Life Companion” as the company likes to call it . That’s where Samsung Tomorrow’s latest video on YouTube caught my interest and after enduring through the 3 minutes of torture, its going to catch your interest too. Trust me !!

The guys at Samsung tomorrow know how to take not only their devices but also their viewers to the ultimate limits. So for those who are still a bit skeptical about witnessing what we are about to show you now can simply close this page right about……NOW !!  So you guys ready ?? Well in that case….here goes nothing…..We are now taking u deep within the process of stress testing the Galaxy S4, a necessary part of any smartphone’s development cycle. This is where companies figure out whether or not their devices meet their quality standards, and push the smartphones to the boundaries of pain to see how much of a beating they can take from “regular” use.

Samsung performs many tests, such as water damage, drop tests, tumbler tests, and the infamous force impact test. All of this and more can be found in the video below, though be warned that the commentary is in Korean. That shouldn’t bother us in any way though since we’re only here to witness the visual massacre (evil smirk) of the device aren’t we ?

Press play whenever you’re ready for some torturous fun but don’t say we didn’t warn you. Good Luck !!