project loon


Google throughout the years have always seemed to bring the best out of everything. From their people to projects, Google has time and again cemented its name in history books as one of the greatest innovators of the modern era. With that said, Google have come up with yet another surprising product which even though still under the works, promises to revolutionize the way we have all been using the internet. According to one of our close sources from deep within Google itself, Google X (Google’s secret lab which people usually tend to know less about) is currently working on a special project which the company has termed as “Project Loon”.

Project Loon

Project Loon

The idea behind this new project is for the whole world to be connected to the internet even in those areas where internet availability is still somewhat of a distant dream. How are Google planning to accomplish this you may ask? Well apparently “Project Loon” is contemplating on sending balloons into the earth’s stratosphere at an altitude that is going to be double that of airplanes. These so called “balloons” would be acting as Wi-Fi hotspots or in simpler words…..the world’s highest routers that would be emitting Wi-Fi signals even in the most remotely located places in the world.

Google Project Loon


Project Loon

From what we have heard till now, these are just rumors that have been somewhat leaked out of Google X but from the looks of it, these rumors might very well turn out to be true in the end just as they did with Google Glass (a feat that was initially thought impossible to accomplish) and in doing so, they have left many people including myself in an absolute state of shock and awe!! The video below showcases Project Loon in its early stage and it seems that Google are putting a lot of effort into it to make the project a success just as its many previous products that have made their presence felt the moment they are from Google X and into the world. So what do you think of Google’s new found initiative? Would it be a success or would the balloons start popping even before they tend to lift off? Do share in on a thought or two with us. Yo can also join in the conversation on Google+ by using hashtag #projectloon, Cheers !!