How much would you be willing to pay to leave a long lasting impression on someone ? This is a question that we all tend to face sometime during our lifetime right ? Well apparently the impression that we are talking about is sure to leave one not just on that special someone but also a whole lot more on your pockets as well. So if you are one of those people who are willing to splash the cash on gold and other expensive jewels should try giving a thought to what we are about to unveil in the next few lines.


Recently, we came across a company called Goldgenie that tends to take on orders to customize any phone with either gold, rose gold or platinum plating. Sounds exotic doesn’t it ? Well apparently we did come across one such piece of beauty, an HTC One nicely wrapped in 24CT Gold plating. The phone which is available in both 32GB as well as 64GB variants costs £1895 for the Gold Plated version whereas the Rose Gold and Platinum enclosures cost £1995 and £2095 respectively.


Goldgenie is renowned worldwide not only for its luxurious customization, but it also currently boasts franchises on several continents, as well as celebrity clients that include the likes of  the Beckhams, Sir. Elton John and Denzel Washington not to mention a wealth of world-leading corporate brands. The company specializes in customizing and embellishing a wide range of items, from roses to game consoles, as well as supplying selected exclusive and luxury products to high end retailers such as Harrods and Selfridges. Would you be kind enough to gift your dearly beloved a Gold plated HTC One or a Galaxy S4 nicely wrapped up in Platinum or would you rather just leave that as an after thought for something else ?

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