Samsung is the past has launched mini versions (normally they are 4+ inch display smartphones so personally there is nothing mini about them) of its flag ships devices, to cater to the medium budget buyers. According to our friends at SamMobile, rumors have it that Samsung are working on launching a “mini” version of the Galaxy Note II called the “Galaxy Memo”.

Galaxy Memo

The smartphone is pretty powerful in its own right powered by a 1.4 Quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. The display of the device is a 4.5″  FULL HD TFT LCD, with an 8MP shooter at the back. The Galaxy Memo will be running on Android 4.2.2  with of course Samsung’s own Touch Wiz Nature UX on top of it.

Galaxy Memo

The news is pretty much rumors at this point, with no confirmation from Samsung so far, though the pictures look convincingly real, this could all be just smoke. So until we have more proof, lets not get happy just as yet. If this was real what would your comments be on it? Do let us know!