Skype 4.0


Skype have updated their Android app to version 4.0 bringing with it an entirely overhauled UI that looks  quite similar to the Metro UI found mostly in Windows 8 and Phone 8 devices. The new look gives the app a completely different feel to it then what we are usually accustomed to while also at the same time retaining all the core features and jazz for which Skype is so much loved and used all over the world. The update also brings with it an entirely new looking home, profile and conversation pages giving them all a complete Metro experience. Customized Avatars have now been added to the contact list making the names of your family and friends look quite lively and much more appealing to look at.


Skype 4.0      Skype 4.0


The chat view has also been upgraded which now displays icons (avatars) of your friends next to each of their messages removing the long annoying stream of text that was there in the previous versions of the app prior to the new update. You’ll be able to swipe between recent conversations, favorite people and your full contacts list with a swipe-based tab UI. Sources within Skype have confirmed that the update has been made with an entirely new code base that not only brings new visual changes but it also at the same time makes the app much more faster and smoother overall and after trying it out ourselves , its safe to say that the company was indeed spot on their remarks.


Skype 4.0


Skype 4.0


For those of you who (obviously by now) have Skype installed on their devices would be getting the update automatically whereas  those of you who have just decided to step out of the stone age can download it for free from the Google Play Store. Cheers !!


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