Microsoft Pakistan

A media gathering was organized by Microsoft Pakistan at their liaison office in Karachi where the Country Manager, Mr. Amir Rao was introduced to the media. The meet-up featured a technological trend analysis of Pakistan and a discussion about Microsoft’s role in transforming the way organizations and individuals work today. The session was attended by leading journalists from electronic, print and digital mediums.

The discussion was targeted for the business sector of Pakistan which is gaining momentum as the economy is gearing up for a recovery. At such a significant juncture, the use of technology can optimize operations and enhance the efficiency of enterprises operating in any field.

 “The advent of technological solutions for businesses has opened a new front for companies to gain a competitive edge in the market.” This was stated by Amir Rao, country manager, Microsoft Pakistan. He further said, “Microsoft offers a wide range of software tailored for the business sector which can significantly enhance the productivity of a company and thus appreciate the ROI. We believe that in order to take this country forward, we must stay abreast with all the technological innovations because these advances promise a sustainable economic future and an enhanced lifestyle for the employees and customers of a business.”


Amir Rao

Microsoft’s mission has always been to help people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. The company delivers on this promise by striving to create technology that is accessible to everyone in the shape of Windows 8, Office 365, Windows Azure etc. Leading companies such as Dawood Hercules Corporation and Serena Hotels have deployed Office 365 to gain a seamless integration of all their operational components. Microsoft leads the industry in accessibility innovation and in building products that are safer and easier to use. The company puts a special focus on cloud computing and believes in constantly evolving its products to increase the benefits to its consumers and to keep ahead of the competition. Microsoft’s Cloud computing comprises of three main flavors;

  1.  Office 365 – Hosted by Microsoft’s global server networks
  2. Windows Azure – An open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed data-centers.
  3. Partner Hosted Cloud Model – All servers to be centrally located in Pakistan

Emphasis was also made on the need of a “Broadband Highway” that would eventually lead to the introduction of a 3G or even 4G mobile technology in the country in the near future. The event was concluded on a high note with Mr. Rao asserting that Microsoft Pakistan aims to invest deeply in such endeavors in the upcoming fiscal year to promote technology enablement for a prosperous Pakistan.