LG Optimus g2 event


LG Electronics have been on the rise with the introduction of their G series of powerful android devices and it seems that the South Korean company are on the verge of releasing their next flagship device of the year, the Optimus G2 at a mega event scheduled to take place on August 7th in New York City. From the look of things, LG were not turning over any stones as the invitation of the event only suggested as to what exactly we are expecting to see come August 7th.

Here’s what the official company tagline on the invitation has to say, “Great 2 have you” with the G and 2 presented in bold fashion. Could they make it anymore obvious? It’s the Optimus G2! Something else that’s obvious is our excitement level for the event itself. Till now that’s all the news that we have got, will keep you guys posted on the device once it gets officially unveiled soon. Stick around !