Twitter for Android has received a quick update today bringing a few noteworthy features in the process. Users now have the ability to sync direct messages between devices which means that once you have read a message on your smartphone, the “read” status of the message automatically changes across multiple devices including the official Twitter website itself. Even though the change is not too significant, it was a bit annoying to see the “unread” status on your direct messages when you log in from other devices even when those messages have been read previously.

Another feature that has been added with the new update is an all new search box through which avatars of user profiles can be found in the form of a small preview box. Unwanted notifications can now easily be removed with the touch of a button. Here’s the official change log after the new 4.1.2 update:

  • When you read a Direct message it will be marked as read in all of your official Twitter apps (including,, Twitter for Mac, Twitter for iPad and TweetDeck) and vice versa.
  • As you search you can now see user avatars and clear past searches from the dropdown menu
  • Richer search results indicate when there are new Tweets for your query and show account results with bios and social context

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