BBM for Android

BlackBerry Messenger or BBM as it is widely known as, was considered to me one of the best messaging services out there, which revolutionized texting as we know it. You could BBM anyone in the world who owned a Blackberry and it was free. Sadly BlackBerry has gone on a downward spiral since a past few years now. During that time similar apps  got introduced such as Watsapp which took over BBM’s fame, mostly due to the fact that it was available on multi-platforms, i.e Android , iOS , Symbian and Windows.

BBM for Android

BBM though is still widely used in countries where BlackBerry still has a decent market share, no matter how small that may be. BlackBerry had announced and confirmed 4 months back that  BBM would be coming to Android and iOS platforms, which would greatly widen its reach worldwide.  Well the wait is finally over as they BlackBerry has just announced on their blog that the  app will be available for Android and iOS this coming weekend. BBM for Android will start rolling out from Saturday, Sept. 21st at 7 AM EDT and for iOS the very next day.

So will you show it the same love when it came all those years ago? Hit us on what you feel the BBM app would be like!