All device soft-wares no matter which company, be  it Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG or any smartphone manufacturer after a few months starts to get boring, looking at the same old device again and again. If you are one of these people then this new would make you leap with joy. CyanogenMod are one of the leading custom ROM developers around and after the team was successful in raising $7 million via funds have become an official company.

CM 10.1.3

Then have finally removed the RC (Release Candidate) tab of their CM 10.1.3 OS which is basically Android 4.2.2 plus the CM goodies. This can be easily downloaded via their servers. With the new stable update you will get CM Account services which can be used to remote wipe out your device plus other useful options.

According to CM this would be there last ROM based on 4.2.2 as they have already released nightly version of CM 10.2 which is 4.3. They are working hard to make it into a stable release as well, before Android 4.4 KitKat comes knocking next month.