Google Open Project

Google, just a few months back had announced their intentions of sharing onscreen content with other devices with the launch of “Chromecast” wireless streaming dongle. The device enables a user to share their Smartphone’s content with any external device such as a television screen, a notebook PC etc. The company is now shifting their focus on enhancing their existing projection technology without the use of any hardware (dongle) and minimum of efforts with the announcement of their new proposition currently codenamed “Open Project”.

Google Open Project

Now the question on everybody’s mind is how will it actually work without the use of any physical hardware? Well from what we have heard, the projection process actually starts with a QR code that appears on the display you wish to share your screen with. That code is read by the smartphone’s camera, which can then be used to position and size the projection on the secondary display. Once confirmed, a touch-enabled screen projection will pop up and you’ll be able to control whatever is being shown on the smartphone’s screen on the external display (which has to be touch enabled). Amazing isn’t it?

Google Open Project

Even though the project is still in its development stages, Google are having high hopes that it would most certainly be a success in the future. Open Project utilizes a special web server and requires no additional pairing or gizmos other than the initial QR code. The video below gives a good understanding of what this new technology actually has to offer and how it can be used in everyday activities. Till now that’s all that we have got for you but do stick around for further updates.

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