Samsung has always been one to fancy up the lock screen of its various Android powered devices. The Galaxy S4 lock screen is one to be admired with its light effects, we all know how cool the S3 was when the ripple effect was introduced. Now thanks to 小D工作室 you can download the lock screen as an app from the Google Play Store for free.

Galaxy S4 Lockscreen - screenshot Galaxy S4 Lockscreen - screenshot

The screen lock can be customized quite a bit, with a variation of effects when you swipe the screen, with ripple and light you get blue rings, ink colors etc. You can also add shortcuts to the lock screen, but sadly you can not add widgets yet, so if you are running any device happening Android 4.2+ then you will lose your widgets. It works pretty smoothly and is definitely worth a look ,so head on to the Play Store and download the app now!

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