Even though there are quite a few smartphones running on the Windows Phone platform since a couple of years now, they still haven’t managed to attract a large fan base. Same could be said for Taiwanese tech giants HTC who (according to their recent financial results) are struggling to keep pace with the other OEMs. As the famous saying goes, “If you can’t beat E’m…Join E’m” and that’s exactly what the two tech giants have in mind.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is planning to integrate its Windows Phone Operating System on the Taiwanese manufacturers Android handsets and according to a few rumors, they are also willing to reduce or waive any associated licensing fees. Microsoft wants to make their platform, which holds a 3.7 percent market share, appealing to OEMs, especially after acquiring their own hardware arm from Nokia. Licensing fees (or lack thereof) that rival Android might be one way to do this. With this latest proposition, would we be seeing a dual boot HTC running on both Android and Windows Phone? Only time will tell. Stick around for further updates!