Chrome for Android

Chrome for Android has been an instant hit since its launch and is the perfect replacement for your phone’s default browser (even though most of the functions are almost similar if not all of them). Google have released a new update for the stable build of Chrome for Android that comes with a host of new swipe gestures along with a new image search feature. For those who have been using Chrome Beta would be aware of all the aforementioned features but now the company has decided to finally bring them over to its stable variant.

Google have this tendency of coming up with regular updates for almost all its flagship apps no matter how big or small they tend to be. Similar is the case with Chrome which after the new update gives you a more simplified and streamlined browsing experience. As mentioned earlier, the update also brings it a bunch of new gestures that include new ways to quickly navigate the opened tabs and also gaining quick access to the main menu. Tabs can now be easily switched by horizontally swiping across the top toolbar, the tab switcher view can be accessed by vertically dragging down the toolbar and you can also drag down the menu to open and select the item you want without having to lift your finger.

Chrome for Android

For those who have already received the update can start enjoying the new additions and for those who still haven’t received it can update it from the Google Play Store