Samsung’s new smart watch the Galaxy Gear seems to have stirred up quite a storm, while leaving people to their imagination as to the usage of the smart watch. Samsung already has showed us what the basic functions of the Galaxy Gear syncing via  Bluetooth to your smartphone device. Showing notifications and health readings etc.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Candy Crush

The Galaxy Gear is not by a long shot a weak device, it is powered by a 800 MHz processor with 512 MB of RAM , running Jelly Bean Android 4.2.2. Not to forget a very decent 2 MP camera on the strap. The OS layout is kept simple for the Galaxy Gear which makes scrolling through the various options a breeze. Well now thanks to ArsTechnica’s Ron Amadeo we can get a glimpse as to what the tiny smart watch can really do. Ron via ADB installs Nova Launcher on the Gear as well as Candy Crush, and I must say both seem to be working flawlessly. Ron also shows us the smart watch’s  powerful GPU capabilities by viewing the last episode of Breaking Bad on it.

So after seeing this video has your decision tilted in the favor of getting this fun device? We will surely bring you more news of what other cool stuff people try out on the Galaxy Gear, so keep a look out.