Cell C is home to 11.5 million subscribers, a large network and a well-cared for one. Visit Cell C’s website in order to see the large amount of available products and services, as well as learn about the network itself.

Cell C the Company

Founded in 2001, Cell C has been dedicated ever since to providing the best cell service available. It was the third cell network in South Africa, but stepped above and beyond the rest very early on. It became the first cellular provider operating a dual band GSM900/1800 MHz data network, offering more than any other company in South Africa at the time. Since then it has continued to move above and beyond the rest, offering the more affordable prices and the lowest rates. It has recently shaken the South African market completely by offering a flat call rate of 99c/min, to any network. Coupling this with the lowest data rate .15c/MB it is easily the most affordable network, and this shows the companies dedication to cellular availability to everyone.

An Online presence

The Cell C website, cell.co.za is a clear and easy site, well organized and easy to navigate. It offers an easy look into the products, services, and frequently asked questions of the company, as well as offering easy to find information on the company itself. Visit Cell C for an opportunity to learn about one of the largest networks in South Africa, as well as one of the most affordable. The site itself is extremely well organized and incredibly easy to understand. Finding any answer is easy and understanding the answers is even easier. There is no need for hours of searching in order to find one single answer, and there’s no need to have a translator in order to understand that answer. The website has things stated in a concise and easy manner, making it an enjoyable experience to visit the Cell C website.

Technology and Products

Cell C offers a vast amount of products and services. With a wide variety of cellphones available, it is easy to find the right fit. The cell phones also come with a wide range of data plans and services, making fine tuning a cell phone to fit your perfect ideal easy. Services available include mms, video messaging, voicemail, and so much more. It’s easy to find the perfect plan, and easier to fall in love with the plan.  The data plans are the most affordable in the industry, and add the benefit of a new sophisticated core switching network, making it easy for the network to cope with any amount of traffic. It also comes with a 98% population coverage, offering coverage to nearly all of South Africa, along with roaming agreements with 550 telecommunications operators spanning more than 187 different countries.

Since its beginning in 2001, Cell C has made an effort to offer affordable care and excellent service, with unbeatable coverage. Now, in 2013, they offer all that and more to see just what they can do for you.

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